I SAID GOODBYE: Fairweather: LP

May 23, 2018

Oh, I don’t know. It’s that sort of melodic indie/punk stuff with super discernable vocals and lines like, “the sun sets on the day that took you away,” and, dang, there’s just no anger or vim to it. English dudes that remind me somewhat of Smith Street Band, who are Australian, so go figure. I mean, it’s not like anger is a requisite, per se, but sheesh. Gimme something besides pure saccharine, you know? Certainly, Fairweather is wholly competent and accomplished and they make it all seem pretty effortless, though it’s hard to pull that off. And it’s well produced and with gorgeous colored vinyl to boot. But I’ll be damned if this album isn’t just a little too toothless and watered down to stick in the memory banks. –Keith Rosson (Little Rocket)