HYPNOTICS: Indoor Fiends: LP

Sep 22, 2023

Another coup/score for Artifix with this reissue of a hardcore classic, which hasn’t been legitimately re-released on vinyl since its original 1982 release on Enigma Records (when I say “hardcore,” I’m talking Southern California first-wave hardcore, meaning it falls somewhere between the thug-rock of the Cheifs and the off-kilter weirdness of Artistic Decline rather than the kind of zippy shit that made bands like DRI and the Neos trillionaires). The songs are short, appropriately primal—yet a lot more slyly sophisticated than it may appear to casual ears—and coupled with the kind of humor-laden “obnoxious for obnoxiousness’s sake” lyrical fodder one would expect from something of a time when the intent was often to rankle “the squares” by serving up something to offend anyone who dared listen. A classic of its time and genre. –Jimmy Alvarado (Artifix)

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