HUSSY, THE: Looming: LP/CD

Dec 06, 2019

Not a band I have much knowledge about other than its name has cropped up in various places over the years enough for me to be aware of its existence. This album, the band’s first on Dirtnap, has made a huge, positive impact on me. There is not a single thing to dislike here, and that might be an odd place to start but it should highlight immediately that it’s a really good record. There’s a definite 1960s garage rock feel to the songs aided by a warm, fuzzy production, but Looming is much more than just that. Sometimes songs punch hard with a rock foundation; others just jab gently away with pop sensibilities, whilst there are occasionally more psychedelic moments which border on the hypnotic. It’s this variety that helps the fifteen tracks flow without any hint of boredom being aroused, and thus makes this a winner in my eyes. –Rich Cocksedge (Dirtnap, [email protected],