HUSSY, THE: Looming: CD

Feb 06, 2020

Heavy Jay Reatard sound here, and not just the fuzzed-out garage rock elements of The Reatards. I could see a couple of these tracks belonging more to the Angry Angles and Lost Sounds camps. Then they also have “Sorry,” which gives me Shannon And The Clams vibes in the verses, but then a flute flutters in the chorus that is reminiscent of late ’60s/early ’70s rock. By the end of the song these two sounds converge in a really nice way. Some of the songs are straight-up gritty rock with sweet licks, some are doo-woppy in their melodies, and then others are thirty second snippets of different styles. “Ode to Self” makes me think of the big, fuzzy guitars in Witching Waves. My favorite track is “Better Stuff.” It’s a quick and poppy head bopper romp that easily turns into an earworm. Lots of different styles and directions on this record, but I wouldn’t consider any of them a misstep. –Kayla Greet (Dirtnap)