HUNT: Branches: CD

Sep 23, 2016

As luck would have it, this is the fourth Swedish band I’ve reviewed in just as many issues. Previously, I enjoyed Hurula, Vånna Inget, and Terrible Feelings, all of which have since been on constant rotation. Hunt is no exception. They wash over you with brooding minimalism; tickling your eardrums with ethereal vocals, plodding bass lines, and thumping drum toms. Unlike other contemporary shoegaze and dream pop groups, Hunt’s production demands headphones and deep introspection—a willingness to disappear into the sound for an evening. Like Slowdive and Mazzy Star, the songs are dense, sonically wrapping me up in their intimate melodies. When the intro of “Not Sorry” kicks in, I get goose bumps from the fuzzy guitar lick. My single complaint is that there are only eight songs, two of which are instrumentals. Thirty minutes isn’t enough time to completely disappear. –Sean Arenas (Lövely,