HUNGRY ASS YOUTH: Live Fat, Die Young: CD

May 20, 2019

Hungry Ass Youth from the San Gabriel Valley are a band of obese dudes who advocate an unhealthy lifestyle of binge eating and irresponsible heavy drinking. Or at least that’s what they’d like you to believe. The reality is that they’re just three punks well-versed in classic Central Coast hardcore punk who take a light-hearted approach to a style of hardcore that can often come across as judgmental and preachy. The lyrics are downright ridiculous and with songs such as “My Plate, My Way,” “Fat-O-Nomix,” and “Food Fight” at face value it’s pretty easy to dismiss Hungry Ass Youth as a joke band. Let me tell you, the music is no fucking joke. Ten songs of expertly performed hardcore punk taking cues from RKL, Nardcore, and the best Mystic records comps. At a time when hardcore is not far from being on the search field of the Urban Outfitters website, it’s refreshing to see that not everyone takes themselves so fucking seriously. –Juan

Espinosa (Infinite Strength,