HUMMIN’ BIRD: Underneath Scum Light: LP

Mar 10, 2023

What do you get if you sound a bit like a cross between Samiam and Jawbreaker? For one thing, you get my undivided attention and that’s what Hummin’ Bird has achieved here. Underneath Scum Light is much more than being a carbon copy of those bands but that’s what I heard on my first few plays of this nine-tracker. Once the album had settled in my head, there’s a Southern twang that comes through, giving it its own personality, and allows it to become its own entity. The recording has a warmth that appeals to me and is perfectly suited to the songs this Tulsa-based band have written. I imagine that this is a band I’d really enjoy seeing live. The album has the kind of songs which would easily make for an anthemic and fun experience in a sweaty venue, accompanied by a beer or three. –Rich Cocksedge (Black Site,

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