HUMAN TOYS: Spin to Win: LP

Jan 26, 2021

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what Jon Von’s songwriting would sound like (and at this point of the sentence, you should already be thinking “yes!” without reading the rest of the sentence) if he were writing songs to be sung by a corset-and-theremin-equipped female, backed by guitar and programmed bass and drums, this album should do nicely to quench your thirst for discovery (Spoiler: It sounds exactly like you would think it would sound like). Jon’s songs remain compact masterworks of direct and ingenious simplicity, informed by all punk from the ’60s on up. He was the guy who wanted to be more direct and less excruciatingly clever when he was in the Mr. T Experience, and the guy who wanted to be clever and not merely direct in the when he was in the Rip Offs—the eternally right temperature bowl of rock’n’roll porridge. The programmed drums and bass both sound pretty cool; I don’t think they would have gained a ton by having them supplied in the usual method. Jon writing lyrics for Poupeé to sing instead of for himself to sing comes off pretty well, though I’d imagine those with a deep and abiding love of sociology might wish to hijack the thread for a heartfelt discussion of the deep patriarchal implications of a dude writing songs like “What Part Of No” for a female type person to sing or whatever. C’est la guerre! BEST SONG: “Secret Girl” or “Don’t You Piss Me Off.” Or maybe even “Let’s Get High!” BEST SONG TITLE: “Secret Girl” or “Don’t You Piss Me Off.” Or maybe even “Let’s Get High!” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Contains a reworking of the Rip Offs classic “She Said Yeah” as “He Said Yeah!” –Rev. Nørb (Topsy-Turvy,