HUMAN TOYS: Japan Tour Demos: CD

Mar 26, 2020

Man alive, Jon Von will never reap the rich financial benefits of a second Rip Offs album if he keeps prematurely dispensing catchy punk classics-to-be like “Don’t You Piss Me Off” like this instead of hoarding them for a future financial windfall! If you’ve ever wondered what the Von Zelowitz punk/garage/rock’n’roll songwriting molecule would sound like when applied to a situation containing adorable Euro-female vocals, a drum machine, and theremin solos, then buddy, have I got a deal for you! Eight tunes, which you can either imagine being done by four degenerate dudes with nylons over their heads, or by a single dude, a drum machine, and a hot French woman named Poupée, as you like! La mayonnaise est réelle! BEST SONG: “Don’t You Piss Me Off.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Dorothy Green (You’re So Obscene),” which is also close to being the best song. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Tout droit du producteur phonographique et du propriétaire de l’oeuvre enregistrée réservés. Sauf autorisation, la duplication, la location, le prêt, l’utilisation de ce disque pour exécution publique et radiodiffusion sont interdits.” –Rev. Nørb (Self-released)