Mar 22, 2017

Christ. Kedumim is a truly impressive album that left me feeling like I need to see a priest. With beautifully evocative lyrics that were seemingly written by a religious fanatic with a sex addiction, Human Behavior adroitly blends an unsettling narrative with grandiose production and gorgeous instrumentation. Featuring a slew of zany instruments from all corners of the globe (banjo, erhu, koto, glockenspiel), the band’s intercontinental third album sounds a lot like mewithoutYou intermingled with Neutral Milk Hotel. Just sprinkle in some operatic singing/eerie whistling and you’ve got yourself an indier-than-thou opus. Not for the faint of heart, nor ye of little faith. Now listen to this album and repent! –Simone Carter (Folktale, / Related,