HULLMEN, THE: Pretty Red Flags: CD

Sep 23, 2016

I appreciate that when a band does something so blatant like rip off the cover and title of a seminal punk record (Wire’s Pink Flag), at least they stop while they’re ahead. Unless somehow this is a dig at the band’s home city of Milwaukee’s flag, in which case the album title is funny. The Hullmen don’t sound at all like the aforementioned English post-punk band. I read a review where they were described as sleazy, and I tend to agree. You can almost feel the sweat and grime coming through the speakers. It took me three spins to realize that this is an EP, and that there is a cover of Hole’s “Jennifer’s Body” stuffed in the middle. Now that I know that, it’s a pretty interesting version of the song. These six songs have a ton of distortion and effects throughout, including on the vocal tracks, but whatever they’re doing to the lead guitar sound makes me want to grit my teeth. Not terrible, just kind of sounds like your friends in high school’s first band. –Kayla Greet (620913 DK, no address listed)