HOW TO BOYCOTT, 4 ¼” x 7”, offset, 62 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

Want to, as the subtitle suggests, “make your voice heard, understand history & change the word”? Well, you might try a boycott and this zine might help you out. It’s not quite a step-by-step guide to boycotting, but it will tell you what a successful one looks like and how it began. Think “how to” not “how-to.” It breaks down what boycotts are, going as far back as the Boston Tea Party and the 1808 tenant’s strike against landholder Charles Boycott (an event where we get the term “boycott”) to the Burgerville strike that’s going on today. The main takeaway of this zine is defining what a true boycott is. It’s more than simply saying, I’m against this company so I’m not going to buy things from them. Instead it’s one that’s “organized among a clear base of participants” and, more importantly is clear in what it asks of the oppressor. Some interesting parts of the zine talked about how Nike, a company who’s boldly continued to use slave labor in sweatshops for decades was able to “redeem” itself by starting an ad campaign using Colin Kaepernick. This successful campaign worked well, presenting Nike as a benevolent company whitewashing the struggles of past boycotts while all the while they continue to use slave labor. If you want to organize and stick it to The Man, this comes highly recommended. Casual readers will also find an engrossing read. –Craven Rock (Microcosm Press,