HOUND OF LOVE, THE: Drunk Dial #4: 7”

Dec 06, 2019

Here’s a concept: Get bands in a studio, get them drinking, and make a record. Sounds like a recipe for some interesting moments, right? For the fourth instalment in the series, the label has enlisted Monsieur Andrew Bassett of Mean Jeans, aka The Hound Of Love. If you’re familiar with his Burger Records LP, you’re already aware what you’re getting into here: well executed ’80s synth pop, with enough humor to keep it entertaining, but far from anything too silly. The A-Side, “Comin’ Thru,” is another prime example of that. The flip is the cover of Rancid’s “Journey to the End of East Bay,” and, man, is it well done. I have to question how loaded Houndy was when he recorded this thing, as the vocals are a little too well done for someone sauced up. We’ll have to wait for the results from the lab on that one. –Steve Adamyk (Drunk Dial, drunkdialrecords.bandcamp.com)