HOTLIPS MESSIAH: Disco Miscarriage: 2 x LP

Apr 08, 2019

“Ambitious” would probably be the best way to describe this massive, sprawling undertaking. Forty-six tracks of original tuneage spread across two discs, featuring guest appearances from half of Chicago’s punk rock past—in addition to former Hotlips Messiah co-conspirators, members of The Bollweevils, Clawtoe, The C*nts, Destroy Everything, Everclear Mimosa, Ez Kebage, The Gravetones, The Hamburglars, The Mentally Ill, Modern Day Rippers, Naked Raygun, Silver Abuse, Squared Off, The Swallows, Tight Phantomz, Tutu & The Pirates, and We Make Thunder contribute to the proceedings. The bulk of the tunes here are raucous punk of varying tempos and hues, with a decidedly odd bent to the lyrics. The whole is surprisingly consistent throughout given the number of songs here, with most of them avoiding being clear throwaways. A lot of care went into this from the work on the discs to the accompanying cover art to packaging itself. Impressive. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hotlips Messiah,