HOTET: Nyy Dag, Nya Jävligheter: 7”

Dec 06, 2019

All first impressions of Göteborg, Sweden’s Hotet will immediately lead to Masshysteri comparisons. The Euro-svartness, the male/female vocal trade-offs, that guitar style that’s so post-punk while somehow still being totally punk; they’ve got the sound locked in, and it’s good, but they rarely tread from the path that those two Masshysteri LPs paved, luckily when they do it’s pure gold. The second song on side A is called “Sakna Oss” and it’s an urgent blast of dark, energetic melodies where the vocalists all seem possessed to sing every lyric. This fucking rips, and this is Hotet’s unique sound, to be continued…–Daryl (Alleycat,