HOT SNAKES: Jericho Sirens: CD/LP/CS

May 23, 2018

The latest noise from Hot Snakes is their first since 2004’s Audit in Progress. It’s ten songs in thirty minutes which seems appropriate for many bands but for Hot Snakes’ return seems a bit short. As is typical for the band, the lyrics make little to no sense but are catchy as hell. (I found myself singing the phrase “Death Doula” on a regular basis after listening to this album.) Stylistically, the band picks up where they left off, as though no time had passed. Some tracks have a great groove (“Six Wave Hold-Down”) others have killer riffs (“Death of a Sportsman”), and there are yet others with a progressive, marching beat (“Death Camp Fantasy”). Those critical of Hot Snakes (show yourself!) may fault the band for not re-inventing themselves after not releasing a new album for over a decade, but Hot Snakes always leaves me with such a good feeling and their music is so catchy that I have no problems with their status quo. –Kurt Morris (Sub Pop)