HOT MASS: Nervous Tensions: LP

Sep 23, 2016

Man, rough one. One of those things where everything seems solid at first, but just fails to really catch, you know? I want all the pieces to lock into place more than they do, and the end result should, by all accounts, be right up my alley. Punk stuff that’s upbeat and nuanced and just a little bit off, melodically and structurally. The catchiness of the Copyrights tempered by the herky-jerky structures of older Plow United’s weird hardcore/post-punk moments, maybe. I mean, that comparison sounds impervious to harm, right? And yet in spite of the sometimes feverish tempos, the wonderful packaging, the beautiful vinyl, the recording quality… I’ve listened to this thing at least half a dozen times and it’s yet to really hit home, you know? –Keith Rosson (Brassneck)