HORSE & RIDER: Call a Priest: LP

Nov 29, 2016

This four-piece from Duluth, Minn. is more than melodic punk. They’re a group with raspy guitars that have more grit and teeth than the vocalists. Seems a little strange for a description of a record that also has an F.Y.P cover on it. Call a Priest twists and turns throughout the record. I’m much more into the despondent songs with huge build ups that kick off the album, though the fast and brutal hardcore, plus the poppier tracks standout as well. It especially helps that the last song includes hand claps. It’s almost as if this band decided to write a mix tape record where they wear their individual influences on each track. There’s some Leatherface in “Running in Circles,” a bit of Crusades in “Last Straw,” and a carbon copy of The Arrivals in “Asshole Dads.” Rarely do you hear this kind of variety in just eleven songs, and for these guys it works really well. For you vinyl nerds, the record is limited to 150 hand screened and numbered sleeves that house a wide variety of colors for the wax. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)