Sep 22, 2022

HOpe FiEnD’s random-titling-case will be our indicator that this is not the Hope Fiend from Illinois, but the HOpe FiEnD from Los Angeles. At least, as far as I can tell they’re from Los Angeles. Anyway, this five-song rager opens with a couple of tunes squatting comfortably in punk rock lawn chairs, but by the end of the record the songs have pretty obvious undercurrents of soul and funky rock. Those sorts of songs take longer for my affinities to develop, but so far I’m digging what’s been put before me. It makes me think of a smidge slower, slightly funky Bullet Lavolta, if that means anything to anyone. This didn’t have a lyric sheet, but their web presence indicates that they’ve got a progressive agenda, if that makes a difference for youse. –The Lord Kveldulfr (FS)