HONEST THIEVES: Ineptitude: 7”

Aug 01, 2019

I have been eagerly awaiting this release, which the Jawbox reunion shows are following up quite nicely. It’s everything I wanted from this long-awaited J. Robbins’s full-length; his distinct voice floating over the deceptively smooth, complex songwriting. Super stoked to hear Gordon Withers’s strings contributions on this one, a perfect match to Robbins’s more jagged style. I feel like for years we’ve been graced by all the records he’s helped shape on the production and recording side, so it’s great to finally get something where he is front and center. Robbins is a master and these songs attest to that—catchy, heartfelt, and compelling, I’m so happy to have this to usher in the summer. –Theresa W. (Dischord)