Sep 17, 2018

N.Y.C. queercore band The Homewreckers, who disbanded in 2017, offers up raw and heartfelt ’90s-era East Bay, Lookout! pop punk with a smidgen of oi on I Statements. For those of you who are familiar and follow bands on Nervous Nelly records will feel right at home here. The brainchild of this band is the insanely talented and multifaceted artist Cristy Road. Her presence as a queer woman of color and unapologetic feminist permeates everything she touches, and thankfully so. I am a child of the ’90s and have moved on from Green Day fandom by at least two decades, but I can say that I felt her highly political lyrics, raw vocals, and loose guitar somehow bridged that divide from my past to the present. Sorry to make this so much about me, but I was able to really experience this album. Feeling this. –Camylle Reynolds (Nervous Nelly / Mooster / Kiss Of Death)