Apr 08, 2019

Weird and kinda cool… but sometimes just weird. Holler House delivers three tracks of brooding post-hardcore with throat-shredding, shouted vocals and heavy instrumental grooves that just barely avoid collapsing into total self-oscillating chaos on several occasions. Technician is similarly riffy and technical, but from a decidedly more “rock” angle—strong Jawbox influences coming through here, opening up into some angular Fugazi-inspired moments, but then there’s an almost Restorations-sounding alt-rock side to this band as well. Some of the proggier passages start losing me (I can almost picture the moody Fuse music video, maybe dark storm clouds over a beach?), but then they’ll bounce back into an abrasive post-punk breakdown. Holler House is definitely my pick on this split, but I could see a very specific person getting way into both sides. –Indiana Laub (Jetsam Flotsam, [email protected], jetsam-flotsam.com)