HOLLER HOUSE: Lodge: ??? includes zine + digital download

Apr 08, 2019

Okay, so here’s what this is: a sixteen-page booklet packaged in a 7” sleeve and secured by a glow-in-the-dark patch affirming my status as a new member of Holler House. No physical music is actually included, but there’s a bandcamp download code taped to the back of the pamphlet. I have to give this at least a little shit because no band should get away with this amount of pontification unscathed, semi-ironic or not—I’ve spent enough time adjacent to noise scenes by now that my patience for artistic manifestos is extremely limited—but something weird is going on here: the music actually sounds really fucking good. Super tight and melodic post-hardcore with raspy, howling vocals. Musically, it’s not that similar to Crusades, but it’s high-concept dark punk made by people who seem like they have an affinity for cloaks and midnight meetings, so the comparison feels right. I was ready to write this off as the millionth band of marketing whizzes to ask themselves, “What if we made our band into, like, a movement, and all our fans were actually members?” But I’m thankful to report that this is way better than that. –Indiana Laub (Self-released, hollerhouse.bandcamp.com)