Nov 26, 2018

Leave it to the Olympia hardcore scene to hit you with an unexpected ripper that will make you want to cry, pit, and laugh. At first glance I couldn’t tell if it was a concept album about hoarding or some tongue-in-cheek comment on capitalism, with a chipmunk photo superimposed over a super late-’90s crust logo that says “freedom from possessions / autonomy for all.” Look, I’m here for liberatory aesthetics in punk, but the thematics are a little strong on this one. Either way, Buried’s ten tracks shred through aggressive punk and breakdowns with personal lyrics and humor. I nearly spit out my water when the vocalist Tiffany screamed, “I can’t take you seriously if you listen to the fucking Ramones.” Shots fired, L.A.! –Candace Hansen (hoarderoly.bandcamp.com/album/buried)