HIRS COLLECTIVE, THE: Friends. Lovers. Favorites.: LP

Sep 17, 2018

This is a thoughtful piece of music and art. All of its elements. Lyrics in peaked, gothic font embossed over a photo of a rose garden so that they are hidden. In order to read the lyrics, you have manipulate the record sleeve to find the right angle of light with which to reveal them. It demands your attention and focus; a concerted effort to engage with it. But these words are meant to be read. And heard. Agitated and directed audio/verbal violence aimed at the systems which tell us boys wear blue and girls wear whatever they’re told to. It is fast. It is aggressive. It is impassioned. It’s noisy and nasty and beautiful. A knife through every episode of Will and Grace and every de-fanged, stereotyped depiction of queer and trans identity where we meekly acquiesce to what hetero, white America wants of us. We aren’t here for you. We will be whatever we want to be. And we will be dangerous to all of those who endanger us. There is despair and overwhelming pain and necessary rage in this record. They are used as fuel to the collective’s march to the future, and without unrealistic optimism for some ideal future against a world that would see us invisible and hating ourselves. There is triumph here in the single moment. Every moment of every day where we don’t kill ourselves. Every moment we continue to exist in our beautiful trans bodies of all shapes and colors. Even when we cannot bring ourselves to step outside our rooms; to continue to live and survive is an act of radical bravery. This is a celebration of that triumph. A celebration of our community. And a needle in the eye of every person who thought calling us faggots was an insult or that being trans meant we were broken. I’d like to play this record for every piece of shit who told me which restroom I was supposed to use. T4T thank you. –CJ Miller (SRA / Get Better)