HIPSHOT KILLERS: Guns and Gas: Digital

Sep 16, 2021

I’ve championed this band since its first LP was released back in 2011, and on the evidence of this six track offering I’m not going to stop doing so now. If you like anthemic, melodic punk then this is for you. Top it off with impassioned vocals and arrangements that are tight as hell; this socially aware band from Kansas City really does knock it out of the park. It’s not all straight-up, driven punk as displayed on “Nuclear War,” which has moments of sounding like Killing Joke with a more measured delivery. Throw in an acoustic number, “I Don’t Want to Die,” which takes a pop at the Republican Party for screwing over the country and leaving millions of people feeling desperate. I appreciate it might not be cost effective to release a physical product these days, but I want a copy of this on vinyl one day… please! –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, [email protected])

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