HIPSHAKES, THE: “Shot” b/w “Samba”: 7”

Jul 25, 2018

Dang, this is the first thing I think I’ve heard from this Manchester band since their Shake Their Hips album a decade ago. I liked ‘em but had no idea they were still a going concern. Their pelvic wobblings deliver two decent, modestly catchy buzz-punk numbers here, but, at a trim 1:52 in length, “Shot” doesn’t really pack enough punch to be a top shelf A side. If they’d stuck “Shot” on the B side and punched up the A side with something of measurably greater spectacularness, I think you might really have something; as it stands it’s decent but hardly Burp Tomorrow’s Pick of the Week material. BEST SONG & TITLE: “Shot.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Comes in a generic Nerve Centre Records company sleeve, which I rather enjoy.Rev. Nørb (Nerve Centre)