HIPPAES, THE: Hip! Hip!! Hippaes!!!: CD

Sep 26, 2019

This band is named after Sheri S. Tepper’s Armageddon-obsessed space beasts from her sci-fi novel Grass, though not an author I’ve ever come across before. It also consists of people who have previously been found in Bangers, No Comply, and Attach Vipers, three U.K. bands I am fully conversant with. The result of this gathering of musicians is an excellent suite of songs ranging from indie rock through to raucous punk with the occasional theatrical and pop moments thrown in for good measure. I love the voices of both Roo Pescod and Kelly Kemp, and with vocal duties being shared fairly equally—as well as working in tandem at times—it means that this is a strong focal point for me. Pescod’s guitar sound is frequently reminiscent of what he had in Bangers and that’s yet another plus point in my book. The whole album has a great positive feel to it and it’s one that can easily lift my mood if I’m down in the doldrums. –Rich Cocksedge (Everything Sucks, everythingsucksmusic.com)