HIGHTOWER: Club Dragon: CD

Jan 31, 2018

When I read that this record was produced by Steve Evetts, I felt like everything made complete sense. This second record from the Paris-based, three-piece pop punk outfit is a tight, dialed in ode to some of the most classic records from Evett’s career, especially those indelible Saves The Day records that have got to be some of the underlying skeleton work of these songs. This would be a great driving-around-having-feelings-on-a-summer-night record. It gets into some of the darker, more melodic and soaring pop punk veins; a more polished and better engineered Further Seems Forever. Next time I’m feeling like lamenting something that feels way more devastating than it is, I’ll pull this out and throw it on. –Theresa W. (Krod, krodrecords.eu)