HIGHRIDER: Armageddon Rock: CD

Sep 23, 2016

What makes a heavy metal/hard rock band epic? Highrider’s attempt to answer that question consists of equal parts keyboards and nihilism. Bass, drums, and guitar all figure prominently in the shaping of Highrider’s sound, but the addition of keyboardist Christopher Ekendahl pounding the ivories pushes the band over the top. His inclusion never sounds gimmicky or forced. Whether coming front and center for leads, or acting as rhythm and back support for guitarist Eric Rådegård’s furious riffing, Ekendahl is such an integral part of the vibe of Highrider that it’s impossible to imagine the band’s sound without him. This could easily be the soundtrack to a badass sci-fi adventure movie, and it will certainly play a large part in my fall driving soundtrack. Epic, indeed. –Paul J. Comeau (The Sign, thesignrecords.com)