HIGHER STATE, THE: “Ten Clear Petals” b/w “Dark Night of the Soul”: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

Recorded on retro gear, The Higher State have a solid instinct for the groove of the time when psych giants roamed the land. “Ten Clear Petals” would feel at home on any “Back from the Grave”-style series, fuzzing it up with overdriven guitars and keyboards pumped out at an R & B speed in the best Texas psych/pre-punk tradition. “Dark Night of the Soul” slows the roll a bit with eerie keyboards and a late-night-snack-and-staring-out-the-window-at-that-tree-for-a-few-minutes appeal. But we all know being retro is not enough: The Higher State practice good songwriting. A good song is a good song regardless if you’re in 2018 looking back or in 1968 looking forward. You can put yourself there if you try. Sit back. Relax. Namaste. –Billups Allen (13 O’Clock)