HIES #2, free, 8½” x11”, 12 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

I previously reviewed Kit’s comic, Geek Grab #4 (in Razorcake 121 if yer lookin). I was excited to see what they’d have up their sleeve this time around, and whaddya know, it’s good ol’ black and white cut and paste collage! Now, in punk, we get to be connoisseurs of that style, and I quite like Kit’s particular flavor. Walking the always-fine line between the personal and political, or rather, leaving out nothing of either, using both tried-and-true and unique images, HIES #2 is good clean fun, which is not to say it’s completely lighthearted. I don’t typically dig it when zines are just loose pieces of paper, but it worked for this one, especially since it makes it easy to pick one collage out to, say, tack to your wall or give to your boo. To get the zine, write Kit, but only on white paper in a white envelope or they won’t get it! –jimmy cooper (Kristopher Storey, 26731-018 FMC, PO Box 14500, Lexington, KY 40512)

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