HICKOIDS: The Out of Towners: CD

Jan 18, 2017

This is a record of covers that the Hickoids recorded in the fall of 2014, and it serves as the coda for longtime guitarist Davy Jones, recently dead from cancer. On the record the band imposes their sound on the stylings of Willie Nelson, Dicks, Rich Minus, Roky Erickson, Terry Allen, and Doug Sahm. Having never been deeply versed in the stylings of the Hickoids, I turned to the internet and found that on their website varying descriptions of their sound such as “psychedelic country” and “glambilly” are tossed around. Both are apt, and I liked the record; if you’re into these guys I imagine you’ll like it, too. Rest in great peace, Davy Jones. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Saustex)