HICKEY: Self-titled: LP

Nov 20, 2023

The Mission Muthaship has landed. Much lore surrounds beloved and begrudged mid-’90s SF punks, Hickey. Perhaps my favorite is stealing (and pissing in) a Voodoo Glow Skulls trumpet—much inspo, including a 7” on that matter was luckily documented. To this day you can see a mural of Matty Luv in the Mission, painted in loving tribute after his death. And that dude (dudes?) with the Hickey sweatshirt is still slinging drinks at Vesuvio’s. He’s been wearing it since the ’90s. Hickey still lives and breathes in SF. Hence a re-release by Mission’s own Thrillhouse, along with Dead Broke is most apt. Originally released on Probe, Hickey recorded at Big Rehab with original members Matty Luv, Aesop, and Chubby. Melodic, fierce, and so very mid-’90s is this self-titled LP. Screechy, snark, heavy off-tune vocals peter and stretch along tumbling guitar riffs in “Believe?” “40 oz of Malt Liquor,” “Basic Tips for Squirrel Hunting Success,” and “Sean’s Mohawk” turn things from 33-to-45. A steady chug and thrash of “California Redemption” ensues. “Her Prosthetic Hands” and “Stupid Sun” are outlying twee, awkward, but end on thrashy and discontented notes. Things get progressively sloppy and demented with “War of the Super Egos” and “Treadle of the Loom.” And things righteously end with “In the Beginning,” introduced with séance-like ethereal vox, and then spirals into psych obscurity with looping epic electric rock’n’roll guitar riffs and snaking bass, that again spiral into the dark abyss. Comes with twenty-six page black and white zine with dumb/fun illustrations, song lyrics, and tour diary. You probably need this. –Camylle (Thrillhouse / Dead Broke)

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