HI-FI NINJA, THE: Call It a Day: CD

May 31, 2017

Five-song EP from a three piece out of Kentucky. I can’t quite put a finger on who the vocalist reminds me of, but the closest comparison I can find is Lee Ving. Their singer starts the delivery of every line at the top of his lungs then trails out to a yarl, which makes it feel pretty metal at times. But it also comes with a bit of a warble and undulation that reminds me of Fear’s frontman. From jump, there’s enough energy spewing from their amps to really blow your hair back. After the first track they adopt more of a moderate speed, with some time signature changes that are even slower. Towards the middle of this EP, they waver to sludgy Melvins-y territory, but then pull it back to something completely different. The titular track has a beautiful chord progression that slips easily into a chorus of whoa-ohs to finish out the song, which is a complete left turn from the tone of the rest of the record. Even stranger still, “Hurts You the Most” starts out real mathy and delves into thrash-like tendencies. In only five tracks they wander around many different musical styles, though have some earmarks that help keep consistency throughout. My only real gripe with it is cosmetic: I think the cover art is incredibly off the mark and totally strange. It looks fine for what it is, but why is the band drawn as eggs in front of an abandoned house? I don’t even know. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)

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