HEZ: Self-titled: 12”

May 31, 2017

Heavy and destructive noisy hardcore from Panama. This record moves along at a slightly-faster-than-mid-paced romp through all eight tracks and lemme’ tell ya’, each and every one is a total stomper. Reverberated and delayed vocals meander through the mix and the awkward “lead” breaks are just oscillating noise (from the guitar? I can’t really tell). The bass really holds the whole thing down, providing a lot of the melodic backbone to the songs while the guitar is pushed to the side of the mix. I imagine that the drummer is some sort of giant orc pounding the bones of an enemy soldier on a kit made of animal skin. Sonic references include modern Spanish punk like Glam/Una Bestia Incontrolable. This is supposedly pretty limited but readily available in the U.S. –Ian Wise (World Gone Mad, worldgonemad.bigcartel.com)

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