Aug 25, 2016

Hessian Wolf Children sounds exactly like its name implies—raw, gritty riffs played at blistering speed over sweet blast beats and howling vocals. At first, I was way into it. When I dug into the lyrics, one of the titles of the songs was “I Wanna Have Your Abortion,” and is about performing a self-abortion. This is a group of all dudes writing lyrics making light of coat hanger abortions; an all too tragic reality for many women who cannot afford, or lack access to, quality reproductive healthcare. The use of the loaded word “slut” to describe living paycheck to paycheck, in the track “Debt Slut,” also didn’t sit well with me. As good as this was musically, I can’t comfortably say I like this after exploring the lyrics. –Paul J. Comeau (Burning Tree, no address listed)