HEROES & VILLIANS: Heroes & Villains II: LP

Nov 22, 2017

There seem to be several bands called Heroes & Villains. This album is on their record label’s Bandcamp and their record label has a website, but there is little information about this particular H & V. This is their “lost” second album according to the website. It’s funny a band that’s already hard to identify has a “lost” second record. By internet standards, the band is “lost.” But it’s a very good, over-distorted shoegazing album with a hint of psych structure. Their sound seems influenced by Jesus And Mary Chain. The guitars are particularly perfect with their slow strumming and hypnotic distortion. There are loads of bad bands like this, but this one is well recorded with solid songs and hints at being a pretty good “lost” band. –Billups Allen (Lo & Behold, lo-behold.org)