Sep 16, 2021

Helsinki’s Hero Dishonest has been active for over two decades and are still the underdog in even the weirdest of hardcore weirdo circles, yet they could easily go toe to toe with any current or elder statesman hardcore band you can think of this side of Totalitär from Sweden or Muro from Colombia. Three songs of pulverizingly aggressive hardcore in just under five minutes. Perfection. Ydinperhe, also from Helsinki, follow along nicely with three songs of hardcore with a much looser and reckless style than their splitmates. Think Amdi Petersens Armé or Electric Chair. That’s right, think about the bands from the corners of the earth that you normally don’t think about and then give them a listen. You might discover your new favorite band. –Juan Espinosa (If Society, ifsociety.com / Hakaniemi Hardcore / ydinperhe.bandcamp.com / herodishonest.bandcamp.com)

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