HERESY: Face Up to It! (Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition): 2 x LP+CD/CD

Jul 25, 2018

Back in 1988 Heresy’s Face Up to It! was expected to be a barnstorming USHC-influenced collection of songs from a U.K. outfit which had been increasing the pace of it delivery for a couple of years. However, like many albums of the time, the outcome was disappointing, with a compressed sound that did the band no favors whatsoever. With no money available for a remix, Face Up to It! was released as a significant under-representation of the band’s ability. Fast forward a few decades and Heresy and Boss Tuneage were able to use the original tapes to remix the album and this 30th anniversary edition, featuring an additional eight tracks, is the result. On the first listen, I was stunned at how different it sounded in comparison to the original. The songs raced along with a whole new lease on life, resurrected into a driving force propelled by some magnificent drumming, which kept up a frantic pace at times. Rarely do I focus in on the drums as the most prominent instrument, but here there is not much choice given they form the basis of almost everything that goes on. How the bass manages to work in tandem is beyond me, but that and the guitar do a bang up job of adding to the maelstrom, allowing John March to throw his vocals into the mix. I doff my cap to all involved in the process of putting right this wrong, as this double LP, which also comes with the CD version, is an excellent package. –Rich Cocksedge (Boss Tuneage, [email protected],