Henry & Glenn Adult Activity & Coloring Book By Tom Neely & Others, 112 pgs.

Sep 20, 2017

Here we have the newest continuation of the ongoing Henry and Glenn saga, which speculates on a universe where Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are mature enough in their masculinity to realize their feelings for one another and enter a homosexual relationship. The joke has been taken to some extremes before, and now you can take it home as a series of oversized, uncolored gag panels you can color in yourself. The art is split between the original author and guest artists providing a page or three. I guess I’m not surprised a joke like Henry & Glenn has sustained. If you were a fan of the joke the first time, the gags in this book are pretty good but nothing you haven’t seen already. It’s more Henry & Glenn, you know? I can’t imagine anyone would be convinced on the “franchise” if this was their first purchase, though. –Bryan Static (Microcosm, 2752 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227, microcosmpublishing.com)