HEMORAGE: Pariah: CD + Comic

Nov 29, 2016

An album with a comic book as liner notes. This review shall come in two chapters. Chapter 1: The comic is functional, but amusing enough. The art is drawn nice and big (even if it seems to lose a little fidelity on the close-up). Despite the main character looking like a half-baked Magneto rip off, Captain Magnet appears to have no superpower at all. Nor does the comic actually reveal any purpose to him. He’s a prisoner who escapes and beats people up; then someone ominously says that, “He’s back…”. What any of this means, or any reason we are supposed to care, is not expounded upon. Chapter 2: If the lyrics are supposed to illuminate the mysteries of Captain Magnet, they don’t do a very good job. The record is a metalcore record, exactly—like you can hear it in your head when hearing the word “metalcore.” Really, the standout features of the record are the atrociously unfunny skit segments which feature vomiting. Sometimes the music is fast, sometimes it’s slow. It had a lot of metal riffs you’ve heard before. Really, I’d rather be listening to almost anything else right now. I have no idea if this would appeal to somebody who has a higher tolerance for metalcore. I find it pretty unlistenable, though. –Bryan Static

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