HELLSTOMPER: One Take, Motherfuckers: CD

Sep 23, 2016

It took a little while, but ANTiSEEN ultimately inspired enough bands that The Confederacy of Scum was born. One of the best of those acts, if not the best, was Hellstomper. More country than most of the other C.O.S. acts, Hellstomper exploded onto the scene with a bunch of releases before seemingly calling it a day. Fans were elated a few years back when they returned, hitting the road for a bunch of fantastic live performances. This release displays Hellstomper live, or “live as hell,” as the sleeve promises. Recorded in the same four cities as Kiss Alive, this recording shows that Hellstomper knows how to command a stage. Hits like “Suicide,” “Pabst Blue Ribbon,” and “Haulin’ Ass” are included, as are several other classics. Singer Alan King is a true original, with a better backing band than ever. Make sure to check them out if you have the chance, and keep your fingers crossed for more stellar Hellstomper releases in the future. –Art Ettinger (Zodiac Killer, zodiackillerrecords.com)