Sep 16, 2021

Your answer: Dreamy new-wavey synthy stuff from Montreal that moves at a deliberate, slinky pace. The songs are sung in both English and French, but the only word I could really ever make out was “je,” so I’m just going by what the lyric sheet says. This stuff won’t exactly get your adrenal glands juicing (although they do—rather surprisingly—cover a Gories song), but I think it’s saved from becoming overwhelmed by its own smoothness by the bass notes being kind of far apart, which gives it that nice nerdy angularity that the kids dig. It sounds kinda like if somebody pumped the Mo-Dettes full of horse tranquilizers. I enjoyed it, although admittedly it’s kind of a good soundtrack for a nap. BEST SONG: “La Peur.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Jersey Swap.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The Celluloid Lunch logo was freely adapted from the illustration that accompanied the description of the Exploding Fountain Pen in the comic book ads for novelty merchant American Circle Corporation. –Rev. Nørb (Celluloid Lunch, celluloidlunch.com)

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