HELEN LOVE: This Is My World: LP/CD

Mar 15, 2022

There’s so much to like about Helen Love and her eponymous band. She writes simple punk/pop songs which have some great lyrical content. Plus Joey Ramone was a fan of the band, which is quite the seal of approval. It was so much the case that he invited the band to stay with him in New York, creating a bond between him and Helen, the individual. Oh yes, and she is proudly Welsh. This latest release has a less of a punk synth-fueled drive but loses nothing in energy as the indie pop tracks provide a bright and breezy soundtrack to the daily grind. Lyrically, there are moments of reflection back to younger days in “Go-Kart” and “Billy Liar,” whilst “My Seaside Town” addresses an acknowledgement of the decline of where one lives, but it’s “Clearing Out Mum’s House,” which touches me the most. Having gone through that process following the passing of my dad, the song really does mirror how I felt during a task I will never forget. The title track closes the album and could be a collaboration with Pet Shop Boys, as it has a very upbeat ’80s synth pop sound, lyrically touching on the ups and downs of life. It’s quite a statement track to finish the album. It’s been some time since an album has touched me lyrically as This Is My World has. It struck many chords and its whole feel reminded me of some of Jon Langford’s work with The Men Of Gwent. It’s a beautiful record and probably Helen Love’s best work to date. Cymru am byth. –Rich Cocksedge (Alcopop, [email protected], ilovealcopop.co.uk)

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