Sep 17, 2018

I was completely won over by Heavy Pockets’ previous LP, mopeless. Thankfully, the New Hampshire-based trio continues to write short and sweet gems with heartfelt lyrics on their latest full-length, Pure Evil. Shayla’s voice remains vibrant and tuneful, at times reminding me of Allison Crutchfield of Swearin’ and P.S. Eliot. Besides delivering upbeat earworms like “Your Indigo” and “Pure Evil,” Heavy Pockets aren’t afraid to slow down and get, well, heavy on songs like “Nape” and “Headrest,” where it sounds like they’re performing with clenched fists. They included a photocopied zine with lyrics and personal reflections, so you can enjoy brilliant lines like, “I’ve got what you need / TV and gluttony / But your heart flutters a Morse code melody.” This inclusion provides insight and increases my appreciation of the album because Heavy Pockets aren’t afraid to invite people in, to share a part of themselves that many of us instead tuck away. Although only nine songs long, there’s zero pretense and a fuck ton of sincerity. –Sean Arenas (Dead Broke, deadbrokerecords.com / Cat Dead, Details Later)