Jan 31, 2018

Three-pieces have the most fun. They’re able to whip up delectable pop morsels without being hampered by too many cooks in the kitchen. Heavy Pockets, from New Hampshire, consists of Shayla, Nate, and Zac, who form an unshakeable sonic triangle. Equal parts familiar and refreshingly heartfelt, Heavy Pockets provides fourteen songs of introspective, loud-quiet-loud indie punk (think Swearin’ or Martha). Every distorted power chord is followed by vulnerable, often relatable, lyrics: “I don’t feel like a girl much, but I don’t want to be one of the boys.” It’s difficult to pinpoint what Heavy Pockets does differently from other bands who worship at the altar of ‘90s indie punk, but who cares? Throw on a flannel and bask in the warm vibes. –Sean Arenas (Dead Broke, deadbrokerecords.com / Cat Dead Details Later)