Mar 22, 2017

First, a confession: my tape deck sounds like shit. It cost less than thirty dollars and was purchased—after my ancient boombox died—for the express purpose of writing reviews. I’m a centrist when it comes to the obsolete technology renaissance: appreciative of the charm, but also a pragmatist who believes download codes are a necessary concession. Unfortunately for me, New Hampshire indie pop trio Heavy Pockets’ fourteen-track full-length cassette, Mopeless, arrived woefully absent a download code. Or a track listing. Or a visible title. Or a legible band name. With no information handy, the tape had to speak for itself, but through my Broksonic—a company that, these days, mostly produces fancy humidifiers—Heavy Pockets’ feminist-friendly powerpop sounds more like a litter of kittens trapped in an industrial clothes dryer. On the upside, two tracks are available to stream online: “Love Song,” an ode to complex emotion that aurally recalls Letters To Cleo and Save Ferris more than Bikini Kill or Bratmobile, and “(dont wanna be) One of the Boys,” an anthem for all the ambivalent femmes out there, which sonically channels Best Coast as much as the beachy ‘60s pop that inspired them. Despite the layers of exploding hairdryers my tragic tape deck adds to Mopeless’ production, it sounds like the record’s twelve other tracks fall neatly in line with these two catchy singles, making it a worthwhile get for fans of the genre who like a little social critique with their upbeat bangers—and who possess the proper technology. Lacking that last caveat, perhaps it’s best to seek it out on vinyl via Dead Broke Rekerds and Cat Dead Details Later. –Kelley O’Death (Reflective Tapes, reflectivetapes.bandcamp.com)

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