HEAVY MOTHER: This Time Around: LP

Mar 10, 2023

Rockandfuckin’roll isn’t dead! Heavy Mother carries the torch with aplomb. Think of a less calculated, belligerent, punker early Rolling Stones (mainly for that guitar tone) and The Who mixed with The Humpers, and you get Heavy Mother. Eddie Flowers from the mighty Gizmos fronts this outfit. They pad this out with some decent covers, but it’s their originals like “Every Day Like I Used To,” “Eenie Meenie,” and “The Thorn in Your Side” where their power lies. But my favorite track, and one I’d slobber like a fool in the record store to try and get you to buy this, is the song “Government Phone.” It’s different than all the rockers on here. It’s more subdued, night-time listening, psychedelic surf-infused kind of stuff. That track alone is worth the price of admission. Hell, they could extend it into a thirty-minute song and take up the whole damn record and I’d be more than cool with that! –Matt Average (Feel It, feelitrecordshop.com)

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