HEATWAVES: Complete Recordings (2017-2020): CD

May 25, 2021

Some time ago, I was driving home from out-of-state when I chanced upon a college radio station playing a song that sounded like a twenty-first century updating of classic ’60s girl group sounds. It went something like “they wanted me to go to rehab, I said no no no,” and I thought, hey man, that’s catchy! That ’60s girl group stuff is evergreen, you can update it every decade and it’ll always sound fresh and cool! I gotta find out who this swell underground ’60s girl group is! As you might have guessed, I googled the song when I got home, and found out it was Amy Winehouse, and that the record sold eleven million copies and presumably everybody and their grandmother knew the song but me. Shocked as I might have been by the results of this blind taste test, I had to admit that eleven million records or no, it was still a catchy song. This Spanish group mines the same fertile peat loam as the previously mentioned number (of which we will speak no more), except it won’t make you blush or wonder what the fuck has become of you when you find out who’s behind it all. The disc’s eighteen tunes are of uniformly (and seemingly effortless) high quality, to the point where one often finds oneself marveling at the craft behind it all instead of paying attention to the songs. One could idly speculate that a second Shivvers album might’ve (or mightn’t’ve) sounded something like this. Look to thy laurels, Tracey Ullman album! BEST SONG: “Bad Things to Do.” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Do I Do.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Accent marks only point in one direction in Spanish. –Rev. Nørb (Rum Bar)

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